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Welcome to Sandpoint!

Thank you for checking out our Obsidian Portal page, we will be using this website to keep track of all of our campaign information and to keep updated between sessions.

While you are here check out the Rise of the Runelords Player handbook, this serves as a primer for the region and some background on the local culture. In here you will also find tips for creating a character that will fit well into the campaign and some extra crunchy pieces that you may want to build into your character.

Check the media library for the player’s guide, character sheets, and other useful documents.

Please keep the following things in mind when planning out your character:

20 Point Stat buy.
Have a motive for wanting to party up and adventure!
Have a link to the region, the campaign will work better if your character has reason to care about something locally.
Think of 3 things that your character would tell a phychotherapist, try to get a picture of their mindset.
Don’t worry too much about your backstory, we can discover that together as we go.
No Evil Characters! (will break the campaign)
Similarly, if your character is Lawful Good, be prepared to make Lawful Good decisions

Home Page

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